Kit Digital - Herramienta de administración para viajes de grupos

¡Take advantage of the Kit Digital and start simplifying the management of your group travel with Grupista!

Don’t miss the opportunity to automatise the management of your group travel with our tool. You can contract any of our 3 subscriptions plans and finance it through Kit Digital.

Basic Plan

Ideal for travel agencies that are just starting out or with few group travels. It includes a user license and all the basic elements to start up your group travels quickly and easily.

Medium Plan

It includes all the features of the basic plan and advanced functionalities so that you can manage and control even the smallest details of your group travels and reduce operations to a maximum.

Professional Plan

It includes all the functionalities of the basic and medium plans and additional features such as our Big Data tool, the Crowdfunding sytem for travellers or the export of tailor-made PDF.


With our group travel management and administration tool, your travel agency will be able to count on a system that simplifies, reduces and unifies all the operations of this type of travel; allowing for greater organisation.

Grupista is an organisational tool for travel agencies specialising in group travel and is prepared to help your travel agency work with all types of groups: school or educational groups, language immersion trip, trips for singles, trips for couples or honeymoons, etc.

Request your free demo, try out all the features that Grupista offers you and finance it throught Kit Digital.