Services - Herramienta de administración para viajes de grupos

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Group travel management software

Herramienta de administración para agencias de viajes especializadas en viajes de grupos.

Grupista is a 360º solution that operates throughout the entire group travel management process, from the commercial and proposal creation phase, the control and administration phase of registrations, payments, room lists and others, to the actual trip itself, where managers and travellers will have all the information and documentation they need.

This new system aims to help travel agencies specialising in groups to simplify and automate the operation of this type of trip, so that they can focus on commercial work and improve their bookings.

This is a integrated travel sales, organisation and control software that offers solutions to all the actors involved in group travel. Travel agencies, group managers and travellers will have their own panel to manage different tasks, according to their profile. The travel agency always maintains total control of operations.

Among the different solutions offered by Grupista are the creation of personalised commercial proposals, independent registration of travellers, registration of different payment plans, management of accommodation and transport, additional insurance, complements and supplements, virtual wallet for travellers, management and validation of documents or sending reminders, among other functionalities.

It also has an extension for agencies specialising in student travel that includes the roles of teachers, parents and students. Teachers will have a panel to control and track the trips assigned to them. Parents will be able to check and manage their children’s trips, and students will have the opportunity to use a crowdfunding system for family and friends to help them pay for their trips. These features will allow travel agencies to offer added value to the schools with which they collaborate.

This tool has three different payment plans that adapt to the needs and types of travel agencies, so that each agency can contract the product that best meets its requirements.

It is an online tool which guarantees its accessibility at any time and place, all you need is a device with an internet connection.

Grupista has been developed by Conecta Turismo, Traveltech with more than 10 years of experience developing technology and online booking and marketing systems for travel agencies.

Main features

Commercial proposals

Create travel websites with detailed information for each group.

Online registrations

Allow your clients to register autonomously.

Online payments

Select the form and method of payment for each travel group and facilitate payments for travellers.

Room list management

Registers accommodations and rooms and allows travellers and guides to manage their distribution.

Travel Add-ons

Allow your travellers to purchase upgrades for their trips.


Notify your travellers of payments due dates or important dates of their trip.

Document management

For group leaders and travellers always have their travel documents at hand.


Validate the required documents of your travellers (ID, passport, etc.)

Fares and supplements

Create payments plans for each trip and supplements for room changes.

Wallet for your travellers

Your travellers will have a virtual wallet where they can load credit and use it for their trips.


Manage buses or transfers and allow your travellers to choose their seat.


Offer your travellers the possibility of contracting optional insurance with better coverage.

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