Checkdoc - Herramienta de administración para viajes de grupos

Check and validate the required documents of your travellers (ID, passport, etc.).

Make sure that all documentation provided is correct and notify travellers if it is not.

Selection of required documents

Mark as required the documents you need your travellers to provide (ID, passport, etc.) Disable or mark as optional those that you do not need.

Unified review of all documentation

You will have a specific section on the trip panel to view and check the documentation provided by each traveller.

Warning in case of incorrect documentation

If, when checking the documentation provided, you detect that it is not correct (the details are not correct, expiry date is approaching, etc.) you can mark it as ‘Pending re-uploading’ and the traveller will be notified on their panel so that they can provide the documentation again.

Documentación viajeros grupos agencias checkdoc para viajes grupales
Validador de documentos para viajes en grupo