Online registrations - Herramienta de administración para viajes de grupos

Adapted to all types of travellers

There are many types of trips and travellers, in Grupista we have thought in all of them.


Any traveller can register independently. During the registration process the user will have different sections so they can provided all the information that your travel agency needs, upload their documentation, contract additional services or insurance and more.

Multiple registrations

Your travellers can register themselves and register their family or friends. Each traveller will have their own panel, but the user who registers them, will be able to manage the payments and/or documentation of their registrants.

Third-party registrations

If your users are not familiar with online tools or are not be able to register (minors, for example) our system has a Traveller Management Profile that allows another person (parents, legal tutors, etc.) to register them.

Inscripciones agencias viajes online
Traveller registration, simple and tailored for you

We adapt online registrations processes for all types of trips. With Grupista, no one stays on the ground.

For private groups or on a seat-by-seat basis

In Grupista you will be able to create trips for collectives, groups or private companies as well as for seat-by-seat basis registrations. You decide.

Unattended registrations

Yours users will be able to sign up for any trip without the need for intermediation. All you have to do is check the information.

For all types of users

Your travellers are not used to registering online? Don’t worry, we have solutions for them, such as Traveller Management or, if required, you can register them manually.

Registration management and control

Access at all time to the information of your registered travellers and obtain list of registrations to send to your suppliers.

Gestion viajeros viajes grupos
Sistema de inscripciones para viajes en grupo