Transport - Herramienta de administración para viajes de grupos

Manage the Transfers of your trip and have all the information to hand.

If your trip includes transfers, you will be able to register the different transports and allow the assignation of seats.

Customised creation of transports

In Grupista you will find the standard buses already loaded, but if you have a different transport you will be able to register it as well.

Distribution according to requirements

You will be able to create your own transport with their specific distribution or modify the existing ones and create a seating map according to your requirements.

Manageable by the trip leader

Your travellers can self-assign their own seat or, if they prefer, the trip leader can make the assignments.

Seat map

Generates a map of the travellers and their seats for each bus, in order to export it and deliver to the transport company or insurer.

Assign each transport to as many trips as you need

You can assign each transport to the trip you need and see in how many trips you have each type of transport.

Bus agencias viajes grupos
Gestion de transportes para los viajes de grupos