Travel Add-ons - Herramienta de administración para viajes de grupos

Increase your reservations through cross-selling

Offer your clients travel insurance, upgrades, additional activities or any other add-ons and increase your profits.

Add-on management

Create add-ons of all types (upgrades, insurance, pick-up points, etc.) and assign them to the trips you want. You can also disable them once the quota has been reached. You won’t lose any data and you’ll improve management.

Customised fares

Generate the prices of the add-ons according to the trip. Create customised fares for travel add-ons based on season or duration, for example.

Contract at any time

Travellers will have the option to purchase any of the available add-ons at any time from the moment they register for the trip. Once registered, they will be able to check them from their payment panel and contract them.

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