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Virtual wallet to speed up travel payments

Make it easy for your travellers to pay through your virtual wallet and be in control of all payments.

Ease of payment for your clients

Do your clients prefer pay you little by little to cover the cost of the trip? Keep track of each customer's income and assign it at any time to travel payments.

Build customer loyalty throught subscription

Create a subscription system for your travellers. Even if they are not assigned to a trip, they can make periodic payments and then choose which trip to use them on. Subscriptions are one of the main customer loyalty systems.

Use it as a refund system

One of the scheduled trips has been cancelled and you have to refund the money to the registered participants? Offer the possibility to add it to their virtual wallet and make sure that they will contract with your agency again.

Information control

You will be able to check the wallet of each client in their panel and have control of the money deposited and spent and the available balance.

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